New rules

Will be affected primarily overland transport of goods between Germany and its partners in Europe. According to the business he formed about 80 percent of Germany’s trade with other EU countries, which in 2014 amounted to 1.2 trillion euros.

European Commission study estimated the number of cross-border road crossings within the EU about 57 million. Per year. Experts in Brussels believe that there will be additional costs to 3 billion euros if in these trips are allowed one additional hour of waiting.

According to calculations by experts of the European Commission the German-Austrian border going from 740 thousand. Vehicles over 12 tonnes per year. In additional waiting time of one to two hours shippers will have additional expenses of 18.5 million. Per year.

The Commission also draws attention to the additional burdens on business, as it will be forced to have higher stocks or to shift to national suppliers, to avoid delays due to border controls.

In its report the Commission refers to a study by the Danish Institute Cepos, according to which in the Ă–resund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden daily by 100 thousand. Traveling. Because border control driving time will be increased by 20 minutes, on only one year and only for border control of this bridge will derive economic losses of 300 million euros.